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Brightly colored and multi-textured, Zeus DUO fetch ball toys are designed to provide hours of interactive fun and play for you and your dog. Our range includes 3 engaging varieties with either LED light, squeaker, or squeaker and added glow-in-the-dark material. Each variety comes in Small and Large to suit your dog’s size.

tough duo of materials

Zeus DUO ball toys are made using a unique duo of materials specially selected for heightened durability. The middle section of the ball is translucent nylon, capped on top and bottom with bouncy yet resilient TPR (thermoplastic rubber). The textured exterior is soft on your dog’s teeth and gums.

available in 3 fun varieties for versatile play

zeus duo ball toy


Emitting a rewarding squeak as your dog bites down on them, Zeus DUO ball toys are ideal for a quick bout of active fun, at home or on the go.

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Ball Toy


2-pack | Small | #96285
2-pack | Large | #96286

zeus duo ball toy

flashing led

These impact-activated multi-color flashing LED balls allow for extended play after dark. The flashing LED is highly engaging and will effortlessly have your dog’s full attention.

96287-96288 Zeus Duo Fetch Toy - Ball Dog Toy Flashing Led
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Ball Toy

Flashing LED

2-pack | Small | #96287
2-pack | Large | #96288

zeus duo ball toy

glow & squeaker

Perfect for night-time play, the glow-in-the-dark Zeus DUO fetch balls are made using phosphorescent TPR (thermoplastic rubber) as to re-charge quickly under any bright light. The balls include a squeaker for even more fun.

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Ball Toy

Glow & Squeaker

2-pack | Small | #96289
2-pack | Large | #96290